Don't Feed the Peacocks

DFTP are a six piece band from around West Yorkshire and Lancashire with a passion for traditional music from predominantly the British Isles! However, it can't be said they fit in with the usual stereotype of an English folk band, with their unusual arrangements of age-old and modern day pieces they inspire a new energy into folk music inspiring a much needed younger audience to their performances.

"Horribly young, infectiously enthusiastic and wonderful skilled bunch of musicians" - Jim Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith

The group formed after meeting at the 2016-17 cohort of the ‘National Youth Folk Ensemble’ where they decided to form a group to explore their common passion for their music. Since then they have taken off in the north of England where they've performed many events such as: Musicport, Saltaire Live, The Heart Centre twice, Chapel FM and lots more! They have also supported many great acts such as: Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith, Phil Beer, Laura Cortese and the Dance cards, Rayna gelert and the Outside Track.

What's next?

In 2018 the group hope to create their very first EP containing both songs and tunes and even some of there own compositions! If you would like to receive news of the Peacocks' venture why not sign up to our mailing list below: